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GIVE 2025

2000 people donating $25/month partners by the end of 2025

GIVE 2025 Engages you in the mission.

Our mission is to provide solid formation and community, so every Catholic student can engage our times fearlessly and faithfully. But we need your support.

By the end of 2025, we are counting on having 2000 people who believe in the mission of our college, to form young Catholics, intellectually in the faith. We are asking you to be one of those 2000, providing us with greater financial stability, praying for us, spreading the word, and helping young Catholics find their way to our college.

If you understand the desperate need for Catholic formation, we need you to be one of those 2000 people.


Student Testimonies (1 minute 44 seconds)

Students share the impact that CPC has had on their lives.


Introduction to the GIVE 2025 Campaign
(2 mins 33 secs)

(This is a shorter version of a longer video you can find below) Find out more about the GIVE 2025 Campaign and share with your friends and family.


Introduction to CPC and the Catholic Formation Track (3 minutes 44 seconds)

Find out more about how CPC works with Trinity Western University


Introduction to the GIVE 2025 Campaign
and Catholic Pacific College
(3 mins 57 secs)

Accompanying this explanation of Catholic Pacific College's GIVE 2025 Campaign, is an introduction to the need for Catholic formation in our world and how CPC meets that need.


The Great Need: Why Catholic Formation?
(2 mins 25 secs)

This video accompanies the GIVE 2025 introductory videos and explains the need for Catholic formation in our world and how CPC meets that need.

Do you see the great need?

Do you see the great need for all of our future teachers, nurses, politicians, business persons, actors, athletes and especially our future fathers and mothers to be well-formed in their Catholic Faith? Then, support Catholic Pacific College and our Catholic Formation Track (CFT) which is designed to meet this need, as you will see below.

A Decisive Time

University age is the time when young people are making decisions that will have a great impact on the rest of their lives. In their classrooms, they're opening their minds to learn more about what interests and excites them. Therefore, it matters greatly who is pouring knowledge into these minds, how knowledge is communicated, and what is communicated.

Poorly Formed

Sadly, a recent  Pew Forum Poll  indicates that roughly 70% of practicing Catholics believe that the Eucharist is merely a symbol of Jesus, and not the true Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus as the Church teaches.
Bishop Barron calls  this a "massive failure... on the part of Catholic educators, catechists, evangelists, and teachers." If this central and difficult tenet of the Catholic faith is confused, what more has been lost in translation?

Feature 67

Meeting the great need...

"The courses that I have taken at the college have been among the best I have ever taken and I recommend them to all of my friends. I have learned so much about what it means to be a Christian at the college. And the knowledge that I have gained has allowed me to defend my faith in ways that I never imagined possible. The way they explained the Catholic faith now allows me to logically defend it stronger than ever before."
- Colin Gottwald, Current CPC/TWU Student


Pillars of Formation



CPC prides itself in its high-calibre, faithful professors. Alongside the Catholic Formation Track, CPC offers upper level electives, and even a Catholic Studies minor.

Learn more about the CFT


CPC has a vibrant and supportive student community hosting retreats, dinners, and more. Students experience the benefits of a larger university and the intimacy of a small college.

Student Life


CPC is a Christ-centred college that is rooted in the sacramental life. Daily Mass is offered on campus, and Confession as well as spiritual direction are readily available.

Find out more about our Chaplaincy

Message to CPC/TWU Students from Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB

Get ready to have your mind transformed, changed in the light of truth, so that you will become someone who can engage fruitfully in conversation and debate with your colleagues and peers, many of who do not share your faith. If CPC is successful in fulfilling its mission, you will become someone who has a capacity for exercising judgement, for bringing insights and arguments from a variety of disciplines to bear on the complex issues that are facing society and the Church.